Admission Requirements

The student will be accepted in the Department of Architectural Engineering in accordance with his/ her average in the General Secondary Exam (50%) and in the Architectural Qualification Exam (50%), held by the department during the admission period. Full admission will be secured only if student is among the top number of applicants. The Department of Architectural Engineering, in coordination with the Faculty Council and the Dean, determines the exact number of architecture majors in line with the faculty’s needs and capacity.

Transfer Students

Transfer students may by admitted to the architectural program only if their qualifications demonstrate a compatible level of entrance and retention standards as those in operation at An-Najah National University Department of Architecture. Transfer credit for architectural courses, earned at recognised architectural schools, will be accepted if the successfully completed courses are equivalent to those offered by An-Najah National University Department of Architecture.

Architectural Internship

The program requires satisfactory completion of twelve-weeks of work at a recognised architectural or environmental design firm. This internship, however, is governed by the regulations of the Department of Architecture to assure a challenging and rewarding experience. The internship, which counts for a maximum of three credits, may be completed in the summer following either the sixth or the eighth semester.

Student Projects

Different types of students’ works, such as projects and models, may be retained by the department. Students are advised to keep photographic files of their work for the portfolio.