The Department of Chemical Engineering at An-Najah National University (ANU) is home to ‎chemical engineering education and research in Palestine. We pride ourselves on creativity, self-‎motivation, team and hard work- characteristics we implant in our students from the first day of ‎class until their graduation.‎

Our department is aimed at providing an outstanding foundation in Chemical Engineering to ‎undergraduate students who will ultimately become qualified engineers and/or researchers at ‎leading companies or institutions around the world. Our undergraduate program is going ‎through ABET accreditation process.

This would make our department internationally ‎recognized and open doors for our graduates worldwide.‎

Currently we have approximately 150 undergraduate students enrolled in our program, of whom ‎more than the half are females. Our facilities include state-of-the-art teaching instruments and ‎computing laboratories. The professors and staff members of our department are committed to ‎deliver high-quality teaching environment, where students can develop their engineering and ‎professional skills and raise their awareness of their future career and its impacts on the ‎community and environment.

The Department of Chemical Engineering is located on ANU Junaid campus in the City of ‎Nablus (home of 250 thousand people), offering good opportunities for personal and career ‎development as well as social activities.‎

If you are looking for information about our program, our research, or just learning what ‎Chemical Engineering is all about, we invite you to explore our website and discover the people, ‎program and facilities making up our department. Inquiries regarding Undergraduate ‎Admission and any other questions can be addressed by e-mailing our department chair ‎at: [email protected]