Committee Member Name Company

Eng. Mohammad Hmiadi

General Manager of the Palestinian Recycling Company

Mr. Younes Allama

Production Manager atBirziet  for Pharmaceuticals


Eng. Lamees Fahed

QC Unit Supervisor in National Aluminum & Profiles

Company (NAPCO)

Eng. Abeer Abu Hijle

Palestinian Standards Institution

Eng. Hana’ Hanon

Palestinian Standards Institution

Eng. Mohammad Bani Odeh

Production Supervisor in Pharmacare Company

Mr. Ala’ Enaya

Chemical Engineers Society- Jordanian and Palestinian Engineers Association

Eng. Zuhair Alrajeh

Manager of Alrajeh Company

Fuad Al- Aqra’

Palestinian Food Industries Association

Dr.Hassan swlha

 Program Chairman

Prof.AMer El-Hamouz

Faculty member

Dr.Abdelrahim Abu-Safa

Faculty member

Dr.Husni Odeh

Faculty member

Dr.Nash’at Nassar

Faculty member

Dr.Mohammad Essayed

Faculty member