Students are admitted in the Chemical Engineering Department (or Program) once they meet the following requirements:

  • Meeting the College of Engineering admission conditions.
  • Completing successfully the following courses:
    • Calculus (1) 21101;
    • Calculus (2) 21102;
    • General Physics (1) 22101;
    • General Physics (2) 22102;
    • General Chemistry (1) 22101.
  • The candidate should score a minimum of 70% in physics and mathematics.

Based on the needs of the Department of Chemical Engineering, the College of Engineering shall provide the Department with all requirements needed to meet the demands of the local industry. The Department plans to admit sufficient number of students to satisfy the chemical industry in Palestine. The Department staff consists of 5 PhD-holding faculty members, 2 instructors holding Master degrees in chemical engineering, in addition to several research and teaching assistants and lab professionals.