A recognized leading department in chemical engineering education and research, preparing its ‎graduates to be highly demanded in the industry, locally and regionally, for their professional skills, ‎scientific background, and ethical and professional values.‎


  • Contribute to the advancement and development of chemical industry in Palestinian society ‎through the pursuit of innovative teaching and learning, active learning and cutting edge scientific ‎research.‎
  • Pursue regional leadership in chemical engineering fields.
  • Provide enhanced practical, applied and training related aspects to the students that serve the ‎Palestinian Industry.
  • Graduate engineers with abilities and skills to analyze and interpret data, design and conduct ‎experiments in the field of chemical engineering.‎
  • Apply knowledge to solve chemical engineering problems in a global, economic, societal, and ‎environmental contexts, considering social, political, ethical, health,  safety, and sustainability ‎aspects, within a life-long learning framework.‎