The vision of the computer engineering department is to produce high-quality graduates who possess solid theoretical and practical foundation, ‎through emphasizing scholastic excellence, practical skills, and professional competency to produce the leaders in the computing field. We strive to ‎achieve our vision while expanding the scientific knowledge through research and contributing positively to the community.‎


The mission of the Computer Engineering Program is to:‎

  • ‎Equip its graduates with the theoretical and practical skills needed to assume leadership positions in industry, government, and academia.‎
  • Promoting active learning, critical thinking, and engineering judgment, coupled with the ability to apply knowledge for solving engineering ‎problems in the global, economic, societal, and environmental contexts.‎
  • Enhance the scientific, mathematical, and technical knowledge of the graduates and train them to acquire the ability to analyze, ‎synthesize, and design core parts of modern computing systems.‎
  • Expand the knowledge in computer engineering through research in many fields to advance the state of the art and perform community ‎services.‎
  • Assure quality and foster systematic pursuit of improvement in education, while considering social, political, ethical, health, safety, and ‎sustainability aspects, within a life-long learning framework.‎