The Department of Electrical Engineering was founded in 1993 as one of the first engineering ‎departments of An Najah National University offering a B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering, with ‎the aim to produce highly qualified, well-rounded and motivated graduates possessing ‎fundamental knowledge of electrical engineering, who can provide leadership and services to ‎Palestine and the Arab world.

The objectives and mission of the program are set to conform to those for the faculty, ‎university and to meet the related ABET requirements. Education in the department is carried ‎out in modern classrooms, equipped with the latest technological facilities and laboratories, ‎where a teaching medium is created for the lecturers and students to interact efficiently and ‎effectively.

The study plan was updated in 2013. It has 161 credit hours. There are currently ‎‎306 students, 16 full time teaching staff, 7 lab assistants and one secretary.‎

Since its establishment, the program has undergone several development phases and was ‎subjected to three academic reviews.

The first was carried out (in Feb 2008)  by the ‎Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission – Ministry of   Higher Education , and the ‎second, carried out in Oct 2008, by the United Nation Development Program – Regional ‎Bureau for Arab States (Higher Education Project).

The outcomes (judgments) of these two ‎evaluation processes were favorable and have highlighted areas of strengths and concerns of ‎the program. Measures are already taken to alleviate the concerns and improve the execution ‎of the program. In addition the Electrical engineering program was ABET accredited in 2014.‎