The department of Information and Computer Science is a comprehensive department that holds all the majors related to computers, its sciences, and applications.

In order to meet the needs of the society in response to the scientific and technological development and to meet the needs of the local and global market of scientific competencies, and the entry of computers to various areas of life.

The Department of  Information and Computer Science is to cover the need of Local market of scientific competencies.

The department has three majors: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Networking and Information Security.

The department was restructured in the academic year 2016/2017 through the ‎integration of information technology departments into one comprehensive department, that would be a body that ‎gathers students, and lecturers in an environment that facilitates learning and creativity, by enriching the department ‎with all the specialties of each major.‎


The Information and Computer Science specialization comprises three different disciplines. Their study plans are ‎integrated into a unified academic plan in which students participate in a set of basic courses and the student chooses ‎the path that best suits him/her. These specialties are:‎

Computer Science:

The Computer Science Branch aims to graduate students with a comprehensive view of various computer sciences at the academic and vocational levels by establishing strong knowledge in the main computer concepts and then focusing on the development of technological problem solving skills as well as continuous self-learning skills.‎ 

Software engineering specialization:

The mission of the Software Engineering Branch is to provide an active learning environment that values the practical application of science and technology so that students can plan, design, develop and manage enterprise computing systems to take care of business processes that rely on modern technology such as the Internet and databases. As well as equip the student with the necessary skills to deal with information and benefit from them and extract knowledge for the benefit of society.

Specialized networks and information systems:

The Computer Networks and Information Security Branch looks forward to a leading role in teaching, research and training in the areas of computer networks and information protection methods. The branch provides a distinguished level of education to the world level and be able to excel, competition and creativity. The importance for this became very evident, specially with the rapid increasing importance of the role that the computer networks and the Internet plays in every application we use in our lives. It is clear that the major trend in every computer application is to make use of the connectivity in order to provide smart applications. And this is where the importance of securing such applications arises.