Welcome to the management information system department webpage. MIS ‎department was established in 2001 as a major part of the faculty of Information ‎Technology. The faculty of IT was later merged with the faculty of Engineering to form ‎ensemble the faculty of Engineering and IT.

The department currently has 6 full time teaching staff: one assistant professors and ‎five instructors. A second assistant professor is expected to join the department at the ‎next year.‎

The department was inaugurated as a response to the quick and increase market ‎demand for highly qualified graduate students in multidiscipline (IT and Management).‎

The program was prepared with the intention to equip students with the required ‎knowledge, information and skills that is necessary to manage and lead technology in ‎the modern organizations.

The majority of our graduated students occupy an ‎outstanding position in their organisations.‎

It is a pleasure to invite you to further surf our webpage to learn more about our ‎undergraduate program.‎