Mechanical Engineering is the oldest field of engineering specializations. In the past ‎decades, Mechanical Engineering shared the development and civilization of different ‎nations. Mechanical Engineering used the energy of waterfall, wind and steam for the ‎technological development and civilization. Mechanical Engineering focuses on ‎energy conversions, power machines, machine design, production processes, and ‎testing and evaluation of the industrial products.‎

Some of the most important branches of Mechanical Engineering are: Applied ‎Mechanics, and Ventilation and air conditioning. Due to its importance in ‎development and civilization, and due to the needs of the Palestinian community for ‎specialized and well trained mechanical engineers, the Engineering Faculty has ‎established the Mechanical Engineering Department in the year 2002. Admission to ‎the Mechanical Engineering Department was started in the first academic semester ‎‎2002 /2003.‎

The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Program is focused in three dimensions, ‎locally, regionally and internationally, and it is based and compromises well with the ‎missions of both the Engineering Faculty and the University.

Mechanical Engineering ‎Program is established to take an advanced-important position in the development of ‎the local society, by providing the local and regional work-market with well educated ‎and trained Mechanical Engineers according to international standards in education ‎and training.‎

Study plan is available for students in the internet and head of department office. It ‎consists of 161credit hours distributed in ten semesters. This plan is divided into 18 ‎credit hours of university requirement courses, 129 credit hours of obligatory courses, ‎‎12 credit hours of elective courses, and 2 credit hours of free courses. The assessment ‎criteria are including course exams: first, second and final exams. Also include the ‎quizzes and homework and courses projects

The teaching and learning methods are:‎

  • ‎Lectures inside the classroom: these lectures include presented the lectures on the ‎class board or using power point software or using both of them together. Moreover, ‎quizzes, homework and course project are included too. ‎
  • E- learning course: Different courses were designed using Moodle software. These ‎courses are workshop1, Hydraulic machine, manufacturing and operation process, ‎refrigeration and energy conversion.‎

The graduate students of the mechanical engineering program can work in building ‎mechanical systems, all factories as mechanical engineering designer or engineering ‎maintenance, or engineering production lines. Also in vehicles companies, government ‎institutions, elevator companies and hydraulic machines‎

The Mechanical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, the ABET accreditation, students are expected to attain 7 Student Outcomes (SOs), which are set by ABET Organization. These SOs are linked to the Program Educational Objectives (PEOs), which describe what graduates are expected to attain within a few years after graduation, and these are consistent with the mission of An-Najah National University. The ABET accreditation process is managed by the ABET Center.