Students requires 161 credit hours through five years of study to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Telecommunication engineering. The students must finish their graduation project through the last year in which they apply the acquired information in one of the Telecommunication engineering fields for local projects.

During the period of study and in order to consolidate the engineering fundamentals, the student must study practical courses in the laboratories of the Telecommunication engineering department. These courses include Electrical Circuits lab, Electronic Circuits lab, Communications lab, Microprocessors lab, Control lab, Digital Signal Processing lab, Advanced communications lab and Telecommunication Networking lab.

Admission Requirements:

  • Fulfilment of the specialization conditions in the Faculty of Engineering taking into account the capacity of the program.

Graduation Requirements for the Bachelor Degree in Telecommunication Engineering Department: To earn the Bachelor degree in Telecommunication engineering the student must complete 161 credit hours divided as follows:

  • University requirements 18 credits
  • Mandatory courses offered by the Telecommunication engineering Department 129 credits
  • Free courses 2 credits
  • Elective Department Courses 12 credits