Ministry of Local Government

Dr. Tawfiq Budairi

Deputy Minister for Engineering Affairs

Dr. Azzam Hjouj

Director of General Directorate of Urban Planning

National Spatial Plan

Dr. Ahmed Saleh

Manager of National Spatial Plan

Ministry of Public Works & Housing

Eng. Affif Said

Deputy Minister

Ministry of Planning

Eng. Fadwa Azem

Urban Planner

Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities

Mr. Saleh Tawafsheh

Director of Directorate of Cultural Heritage Preservation

Engineering Association- Jerusalem Center

Dr. Sami Hijawi

Hear of Nablus Branch

Municipal Development & Lending Fund

Eng. AbdelMughni Nofal

General Director

Land Authority

Eng. Sahar Jallad

Department of Land Registration

German Agency for International Development (GIZ)

Eng. Rani Dawoud

Coordinator of Strategic & Physical Planning

UN Program for Human Settlements (UNHABITAT)

Dr. Ahmed Atrash

Program Coordinator

AMMAR Group/ Palestinian Investment Fund

Eng. Munif Traish

Head of Group

Nablus Municipality

Eng. Ekhlas Ratrout

Advisor of Nablus Mayor

Urban Planning Experts

Dr. Samih Abed

Head of Palestinian Housing Council

Dr. Rasem Khamaisi

University Professor, Haifa University

Eng. Naseer Arafat

Head of Cultural Heritage Enrichment Center/Nablus