Conditions of Admission:

  • obtain the rate of not less than 80% in high school in the scientific section.
  • admission to the Faculty of Engineering.
  • pass the Skills Exam organized by the DUPE, held only once at the beginning of each academic year, and students can not apply for this Exam more than once under any circumstances.
  • students are admitted in accordance with their rates calculated on the basis of (50% of high school rate + 50% of skills exam rate). The DUPE, according to its needs and abilities, determines the number of students who be admitted in coordination with the Deanship and the Board of the Faculty of Engineering.

Failing in the Planning Studio Courses:

  • the student who fails in any planning studio course is not entitled to register the next studio course unless he passes the course, which failed in it.
  • no student can register for two planning studio courses in the same semester.