A recognized leading faculty in engineering and Information Technology education and research, preparing its graduates to be highly demanded in the industry, locally and regionally, for their professional skills, scientific background, and ethical and professional values


  • Contribute to the advancement and development of the Palestinian society through the pursuit of innovative teaching and learning, active learning and cutting edge scientific research.
  • Pursue regional leadership in engineering and Information technology education and research.
  • Provide opportunities and create an esteemed academic environment for the professional and innovative talents among the students as well as the faculty.
  •  Provide enhanced practical, applied and training related aspects to the students.
  • Develop close relationships with, and provide knowledge, services and technologies to, the local communities and industries.
  • Assure quality and foster systematic pursuit of improvement in quality education to graduate engineers and information technology graduates with abilities and skills to analyze and interpret data, design and conduct experiments.
  • Apply knowledge to solve engineering and Information Technolgy problems in global, economic, societal, and environmental contexts, considering social, political, ethical, health, safety, and sustainability aspects, within a life-long learning framework.