ABET Centre employs administrative staffs whom are professionals in their field of specialization and expertise in the centre field of work.

The management of the centre is working to attract experts in the field of quality assurance an accreditation for engineering programs.


  • ABET Accreditation Processes Development and Implementation.
  • Identify best practices; as well as feasible and effective strategies that will help meet ABET accreditation standards.
  • Leading the Internal Auditing processes at the Faculty of Engineering Departments.
  • ABET Accreditation Processes Assessment and Evaluation; through direct and indirect assessment, Archiving and evaluating the academic and administrative systems to fulfil ABET Standards and requirements and to track and improve the programs’ constituencies satisfaction.
  • Developing continuous improvement plans, strengthening the processes, identifying communication and reporting strategies and statistical analysis, and identifying the appropriate support necessary to meet ABET Standards.
  • ABET Processes Quality assurance and Quality control.
  • Preparing Quality Assurance Reports and Accreditations’ self-evaluation reports.
  • Archiving and Documenting ABET Processes and requirements.
  • Assist in defining/developing Quality key performance indicators, and reporting requirements.
  • Developing, maintaining and conducting different types of quality management systems and accreditation standards at the faculty of engineering & IT as continuous enhancement of the Quality and Standards Framework.
  • Developing databases and Management Information Systems for all constituencies in order to involve them in the continuous improvement and decision making processes.
  • Developing quality system processes, i.e., records, procedures and document control.
  • Organizing the periodic Committee’s meetings and holding training workshops for the Engineering faculty’s members concerning to ABET.