Microsoft .Net Club allows the students to share their knowledge by running many events and projects. These activities enable the students to develop leadership and planning abilities. They also aim to keep students in touch with the up to date tools and technologies used in working fields (companies), which are developed by Microsoft.

As part of the Microsoft .Net Club is the Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) Program, which is an elite opportunity offered by Microsoft to students enthusiastic about technology and the possibilities it opens.

Google Developers' Group Nablus, formerly Nablus's Google Technology User Group (Nablus ‎GTUG)‎


Google Developers' Group Nablus (GDG Nablus), formerly Nablus's Google Technology User Group ‎‎(Nablus GTUG)‎

GDG Nablus is a developers group to learn, share and know more about technology and Google ‎technologies in particular.‎

The group was started by a group of Google fans and enthusiasts who are interested in using ‎Google's devolving technologies.‎

GDG Nablus aims to introduce the Palestinian people more, and more to new technologies, ‎Increase the awareness and create a large community interested in Google technologies. ‎Everything from Android & App Engine platforms, to product APIs like YouTube API and Google ‎Calendar API. ‎

Membership in this group is open to beginners, developers and Google lovers. Also all people ‎interested in technology, and in particular Google technology are most welcome to join us not just ‎developers. ‎

We take Nablus City and An-Najah University as our Center of Operation.‎

Our Mission:‎

  • Introduce the Palestinian people more, and more to new technologies, specially to those from ‎Google Company.‎
  • Host and Held startups.‎
  • Increase the awareness of Google Technologies.‎
  • Develop skills, create opportunities, and help you shape a better future.‎
  • We connect you to the world of entrepreneurs.‎

Our Slogan:‎ Learn | Share | Develop!‎

Disclaimer: GDG Nablus is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed on this ‎‎+Page should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation.‎

Administrator: Akram Dweikat

Club Supervisor:‎ Dr.Samer Arandi

Founded by:‎

  • Akram Dweikat
  • Ahmad Yaqoub
  • Omar Rayan.


  • Dr.Samer Arandi
  • Akram Dweikat
  • Ahmad Yaqoub
  • Omar Rayan.‎

Contact Info:‎

Engineers Without Borders - Palestine is a part of EWB- intentional group which spreads all around the globe.

EWB works to facilitate the corporation between all these branches, exchange the knowledge and the developmental experiences to develop and help local and global communities .

EWB- NNU branch is a part of this organization who plays an important role to link engineers, engineering students and faculty with professional engineers to work on development projects in Palestine and world wide in the near future.

Our goals:

  • enhance the environmental concepts and issues.
  • keep up with the technological, scientific, technical development world wide.
  • Create a professional network that connects Palestinian students with local and global companies ,firms and unions.
  • Develop student skills, abilities, and qualify them to be able to make a better situations for their local communities.


IEEE Najah Student branch was established in 2009 at the faculty of engineering. Since then, IEEE Najah SB has taken the initiation and the commitment to spread technological awareness and improve both technical and non technical skills of Palestinian students as well as working on developing scientific research in Palestine.

IEEE Najah SB organizes many events throughout the season including speeches by key speakers, orientation sessions for fresh students of  faculty of engineering and organizing field trips to power plants and industrial plants. IEEE Najah SB provides technical courses to improve technical skills of engineering students, to meet the modern requirements of today’s job market. It also holds interactive workshops of modern scientific subjects in order to spread technological awareness and knowledge as well as enhancing scientific culture in the society. Participants’ interpersonal skills are developed as well in an appropriate indirect smart way during these interacting workshops.


Founded in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) represents more than 140,000 ‎members of the civil engineering profession worldwide and is America’s oldest national ‎engineering society.‎

ASCE provides essential value to their members and partners, advance civil engineering, and serve ‎the public good.‎

In carrying out that mission, ASCE Advances technology, Encourages lifelong learning, Promotes ‎professionalism and the profession, Develops civil engineer leaders and Advocates infrastructure ‎and environmental stewardship  .‎

An – Najah ASCE Student Group was launched on March 24, 2013, since then more than 200 ‎students joined the group after they realized the importance of becoming a part of ASCE and the ‎benefits students may derive as they pursue their careers.‎

Our student group aims to prepare the students to enter the civil engineering profession and the ‎society specifically in professional matters, professional contacts and networking and Leadership ‎development.‎

This group is supervised by Prof. Samir Abu Eishe the former Planning Minister of the Palestinian ‎National Authority who currently serves as full time full professor at the  Civil Engineering ‎Department at An – Najah National University. ‎

What does our student chapter do? ‎

  • Competitions: Our student chapter conducts some competitions so that the members can show their creativity.‎
  • Field Trips: Our chapter offers guided field trips to engineering projects, some of which are still under ‎construction and closed to outsiders. In addition, we may also visit major projects already in ‎operation and be escorted by practicing engineers who can explain the details of their work.‎
  • Community Service Projects: Our chapter also conducts charity activities encouraging our members to use their skills to help our ‎community.‎
  • Guest Speakers: Our chapter will invite practicing engineers in the field to discuss unique projects on which they are ‎working. It's a great way to learn more about putting civil engineering to practice, as well as ‎meeting and networking with professionals in your field.
  • Training courses: Our chapter will organise some courses that will improve the students’ skills.‎

Our Organizational Structure (2016/2017)

Jehad Kalbouneh


Aya Jararah 

Vice President 

Yazan Asia 


Rawan Badad 

Publicity Chair 

Qaysar Halabi

Correspondence Secretary

Ahmad Fuqha

Recording Secretary

Manar Eldeen Moghrabi

Fund Raising Chair

Ihab Hashem

Outreach Coordinator

Salah Abu Zaghlan

Community Chair

Jaafar Bader

Social Chair

Abdullah Salhat

Membership Chair

Mais Zyod

Membership Chair


Instgram : asce_nnu

The Institute Of Industrial Engineers (IIE) was founded in 1948, and it's the world largest professional society that concerns only the industrial engineer. It's an international, nonprofit association that provides leadership for the application, education, training, research, and development of industrial engineering.

An-Najah National University student chapter is the 703th chapter of IIE all over the world. It was launched on September the 5th, 2013, with Dr. Ramiz Assaf as the supervisor. Currently it has more than 60 members after realizing what value-added it is being an IIE member.

This chapter aims to prepare the industrial engineer student to face the market by building his character, taking additional courses to mastery their education, also to let the society realize the importance of industrial engineering and a lot more.

The current organization structure



Mohammad Ghanem


Sheren Sunuqrot

Vice President

Aseel Qumere


Abdullah Antari

Program Director

Mohammad Antari

Membership Director

Abdul Fattah Alfares


The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) was Founded in ‎‎1908 to establish the chemical engineering profession as independent from ‎chemists (responsible for designing reactions) and mechanical engineers ‎‎(responsible for designing reactors) who worked in the chemical industry.‎

AIChE is the world's leading organization for chemical engineering ‎professionals providing leadership to the chemical engineering profession ‎representing more than 50,000 members in industry, academia, and ‎government including members of 90 different countries‎‏.‏

The mission of the AIChE student chapter at UCI is to promote excellence ‎in the Chemical Engineering Department of the UCI School of Engineering ‎by providing resources and support to the undergraduate students so that ‎they can succeed academically and advance professionally. The AIChE ‎student chapter aims at developing project management and program ‎planning skills, holding networking and educational events with ‎professionals and Participating in group competitions.‎

AIChE provides forums to advance the theory and practice of the ‎profession, upholds high professional standards and ethics, and supports ‎excellence in education.‎

AIChE's Vision is to Provide Value as the Global Leader of the chemical ‎Engineering profession, the Lifetime Centre for professional & personal ‎growth, and security of chemical engineers and the Foremost Catalyst in ‎applying chemical engineering expertise in meeting societal needs.‎

It aims at promoting excellence in chemical engineering education and ‎global practice, advancing the development and exchange of relevant ‎knowledge, upholding and advancing the profession's standards, ethics and ‎diversity, enhancing the lifelong career development and financial security of ‎chemical engineers through products, services, networking, and advocacy, ‎stimulating collaborative efforts among industry, universities, government, ‎and professional societies, encouraging other engineering and scientific ‎professionals to participate in AIChE activities; advocating public policy ‎that embraces sound technical and economic information and that ‎represents the interest of chemical engineers, facilitating public ‎understanding of technical issues; and achieving excellence in operations of ‎the Institute.‎

The Arab Innovation Network (AIN) was established in 2011 by Arab ‎Students at the University of Cambridge. AIN is a registered charity in the ‎UK and Wales.


To be the leading network in fostering innovation in science and technology ‎in the Arab world.‎


  • Attracting, motivating‎‏ ‏and developing young innovators’ skills to ‎foster innovation in the Arab world.‎
  • Improving the level of education in the Arab world by engaging with ‎young people to generate enthusiasm around innovation and ‎entrepreneurship.‎
  • Improving knowledge and experience transfer across the Arab world.‎


  • Arab Innovation Network Annual Conference.
  • AIN Camp for innovators.
  • AIN Student Societies.

The Arab Innovation Network-An-Najah National University:‎

In 2011, the Arab Innovation Network branch was opened at An-Najah ‎National University to foster innovation and healthy competition among ‎Arab Students.‎