This lab is one of the most important labs in the chemical engineering study. In this lab, student will perform experiments to support their theoretical study of Batch, CSTR and PFR reactors.

This lab acquaints the student with characteristics of the most common chemical reactors such as CSTR, plug flow and batch reactors. Experimental measurements of the conversion out the mentioned three type reactors will be carried out. Mixing effect on the conversion of batch reactor is illustrated in lab. Effect of impeller type, position and speed is demonstrated in this lab by carrying out experiments with viscous and non viscous fluids. Mixing intensity is measured using spectrophotometer machine.


  • Chemical Processing Lab.
  • Soap and Detergent Manufacturing Lab.


  • Microprocessor-based pH/mV/°C Bench Meters
  • Chemical Reactors Trainer CE 310
  • LabTech LSB-series Shaking Water Bath
  • Digital Over- Head Stirrer
  • Molecular Spectroscopy