This laboratory introduces the students to the fundamental concepts of equilibrium of force system for particles and rigid bodies and the application of principles of equilibrium of structures such as the beams.

Also is covered the fundamental application of the  principles and theories of stress and strain, and their interrelationship, mechanical properties of materials, shear and bending forces and stresses, maximum and minimum strains and deflection of beams.


The primary objectives of this laboratory are as followed:

  • To investigate a group of strength mechanics principles studies in the material mechanics course.
  • To learn how the main parameters and properties used in material mechanics can be measured.


  • Mechanics of Materials Lab
  • Material and Corrosion Testing Lab


  • Rubber in Shear Apparatus
  • SM1 Torsion Testing Machine
  • SM100 Universal Testing Machine
  • Combined Bending and Torsion Apparatus
  • Deflection of Curved Bars Apparatus
  • Extension of Wires
  • Suspension Cable
  • Deflection of Beams
  • Equilibrium of a Rigid Body
  • Simple Suspension Bridge
  • Forces in a Truss
  • Equilibrium of a Beam
  • Equilibrium of Forces



Lab Technican: