The surveying Lab is a well- established laboratory that is equipped with almost all surveying equipment needed for the students to apply the principles taught in the  theoretical Surveying courses. The equipment include: chain surveying tools (tapes, ranging rods, plumb bobs, etc), levels (both automatic and electronic digital levels), Theodolites, Total Stations, Planimeters, Basic photogrammetric equipment (such as mirror stereoscope), and GPS receivers. These equipment are stored in a well-organized way in a furniture that has been designed particularly for the lab. The lab also cantains a section equipped with more than 20 personal computers loaded with the appropriate software to allow the students to compute,  prepare and print surveying plans.

Lab Courses:

  • Surveying 1 Lab (Civil Engineering )/1060222
  • Surveying 2 Lab (Civil Engineering)/10601323
  • Surveying Lab (Building Engineering)/10611209
  • Surveying Lab (Architectural Engineering)/10606370
  • Surveying Lab (Urban Planning Engineering)/10616221
  • Surveying Lab (Geography)

Lab Technician