The Association of Mechanical Engineers and Mechatronics has organized a elevators course in the Nablus Engineers 'Engineers' Union under the supervision of Engineer Mohamed Nofal, North Branch Manager of Ekobal Elevators. He has 10 years experience in the elevators field and a certified trainer at the training center of the Engineers Syndicate at 30 hours.
Course content:
Learn the trainee and the mama in the following
- The history and evolution of the world's escalators
- Identify the main parts of the elevator and how it works
- Identify the additional and supplementary parts of the elevator and the method of its selection
- Know the types of elevators and their classification and division in terms of engine type, nature of use, operating system
- Mechanism of work elevator and electric stairs
 What should be considered during the design and implementation of the building
- Proper selection of the engineering specifications of the elevator and the electric stairs
- The correct selection of the number and location of elevators and electric towers required for each facility
 Modern technology in elevator work
- Environmentally friendly and energy-saving elevators and how to re-supply electric power by gravity
- Methods of writing and selecting the specifications mentioned in the table of quantities
- Identification of international and Palestinian codes for elevators and electric towers
- Identify the requirements of public safety and must be available in the building, elevator and electric stairs
- How to install elevators, electric trajectories, field works, electrical duty and their availability during and before and after the installation process

عدد القراءات: 50