The requirements and the process of admission of new students are described below:

  • Students are directly and competitively admitted to the Bachelor's Degree program based on their cumulative average in the General Secondary Education Certificate (Tawjihi), which must be above the minimum average specified by the Ministry of Education. Also, students are required to take Architectural Capacity entrance exam. The admission of students is based on the top ranked students in both the Tawjihi and the entrance exam.
  • Students who are able to qualify for the engineering Bachelor's degree are the top students in their high schools in the scientific and industrial streams.
  • A minimum average of 80% is required for admission to the Faculty of Engineering.
  • The number of students to be admitted to the university at the beginning of each academic year is decided by the Council of Deans and approved by the Board of Trustees, taking into consideration the market demand in Palestine, the neighboring Arab countries, and the importance of elevating the cultural, technical, and professional level of the country.

All students admitted to the university must sit for the English Placement Test and the Computer Placement Test. Based on the results of the English Language test, the student will be placed in 11032100 (Remedial English), 1100103 (English I) or 11000322 (English for Science and Engineering). The ones who fail the computer test will have to take course number 11000127 (Introduction to Computer Sciences). (Admission regulations and conditions are published at the official website of the University