Engineers Without Borders Organization - An-Najah University Branch:

An-Najah National University is a part of the global system of Engineers Without Borders which established in 2006 , EWB is a global organization located in 64 countries around the world, which seeks to develop engineers and connect them to reality jobs and society, by utilizing the energies of youth engineers in volunteering and facilitating cooperation among all these ,exchange of information and develop their experiences in order to assist their local and international communities.

E.W.B Objectives :

1) Developing life skills for students:

Through the organization of several workshops and courses that serve and develop the skills of students and also the exchange of experience among students where some people that have experience or knowledge in a particular topic contributes to raising the efficiency of students to transfer their experiences to other students and the organization provides all the organizational and logistical needs of the participants and the integration of students with Before graduating by integrating them into the organization by various activities.

2) Specialist development:

Through workshops, courses and specialized training opportunities in cooperation with the Association of Engineers and Networking with companies and local associations.

3) Keeping pace with the technological, scientific and technological developments in the world.

4) Promoting environmental concepts, practices and applications:

By holding activities related to the environment from planting trees, developing environmentally friendly initiatives, workshops, exhibitions and competitions that highlight the most important dangers facing the environment in Palestine and possible solutions.

5) Promoting students' belonging to their community and home:

This is done by spreading the culture of volunteerism and social responsibility among the students and their participation in various voluntary activities and finding effective and radical solutions to the problems facing the Palestinian society.

6) Create a conscious educated generation:

Through cultural programs that spread the culture of reading and moderate thinking and highlight the most prominent problems facing our societies and ideas to solve them in cooperation with intellectuals.


Internal Structure of the Administrative Board for the year 2018-2019




Aya Alsadder

vice president

Yasmin Alsalem

Public Relations Committee

Yousuf Thaher

Finance Committee

Yazan Radwan

Media Committee

Samar Alqadi

Technical Committee

Ahmad Maqbool

Member Affairs Committee

Amani Salem


Yousif Salem


Programs of the Society


1) Fingerprint - Success Program

A volunteer charity program for the Association of Engineers Without Borders in cooperation with the Nablus Zakat Committee

The idea of ​​the program was inspired by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) saying: "The best people benefit people." The principle of "teach me how to fish and not give me a fish" is the idea of ​​donating one shekel a day. A poor woman lives there and stops herself from asking people.

The fingerprint program is spread mainly in three cities and is located in universities, Nablus - An-Najah University, Ramallah - Birzeit University, Hebron - Polytechnic University.

- What is the purpose of fingerprint?

The fingerprint program aims to contribute to eradicating poverty by finding a radical solution to it. In addition to creating a young generation aware of his social responsibility towards his homeland, believing in his ability to change positively.

We have chosen our primary goal of providing a source of livelihood for families, because they provide a source

Permanent livelihood for the family ensures:

1) teaching its members in schools and universities.

2) treat their children if they get sick without the need for one.

3) their ability to provide a decent life for them from the dwelling and other requirements of a decent life.

4) Their condition may improve in a way that allows them to help others in need. Thus, the problem is addressed from the roots and not only the treatment of the symptoms. The problem of providing education and treatment expenses is a symptom of the basic problem of poverty.


2) Hira program


The Hira program is one of the programs of the Association of Engineers Without Borders Branch of An-Najah National University as part of the commitment of the Permanent Association to continuous development and meet with its members in all directions. The program was designed to encourage students and members of the reading culture and to form educated, educated and educated students away from harmful cultural attacks that are constantly disrupting our society. We also aspire to develop creative reading skills for students to create a knowledge, Through the selection of books with targeted topics. The name of the campaign was chosen as "Hira", forgotten to the cave of Hira, where it was the cradle of the transformation and prosperity of civilization. Hira is a haven for reflection and access to the revealed truth, in which the secret word that made the slaves the masters of nations was the first action in the cave of Hira.

3) An-Najah weekly News Program ( An-Najah and Creativity):

It is a weekly News program displays on social networking sites, it talks about all student activities that happen and will happen in one week period in the whole university.


Clubs and student groups:

1- Students of Architecture:

A special committee has been established to conduct special events in the Department of Architecture, since this section differs in the nature of its activities from the rest of the sections, which requires a special group to create ideas that allow architectural students to spread their ideas and creations.

2- Material Engineering Students Group:

Materials Engineering is a new specialization that has entered the specialization group of the Faculty of Engineering at An-Najah University. The aim of this gathering is to keep abreast of the activities and activities of this department.



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