The Institute of Mechanical Engineers) IMECHE) was established at the National University of Success in 2014 It is the first branch of the British Institute in Palestine
The association is concerned with supporting engineering disciplines and implementing activities related to mechanical engineering, so that the person belonging to the association has the following advantages:
1. The student has the opportunity to compete for scholarships (Master, PhD) - to be submitted through the student branch at the University of success
2. The student has the opportunity to compete in obtaining opportunities for field training in foreign countries so that the submission of these opportunities through the student branch at the University of success
3.  to benefit from the engineering activities provided by the branch within the corridors of the University
4. The student will be a member of IMechE
5. Competition in the competitions organized by the Assembly globally
6. The student will have the advantage of having a stronger opportunity to compete for engineering jobs in the Gulf countries. Some companies require that the applicant be a member of the association
7. The student receives the electronic magazine issued by the association monthly.
8. The student has the possibility to participate in conferences held by the Assembly globally



Ahmed Nassar

Vice Chair

Fihme Hantoli


Maram joma

Art and Creative Officer

Abd Al Rahem Dardouk

Event Coordinator

Sadel Rabaya

Assistant Event Coordinator

Noor Daraghmeh

Publicity Chair

Ahmed Innab

Assistant publicity

Majdoleen Ashour

membership officer

Haya Hamoudeh


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[email protected]