Founded in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) represents more than 140,000 ‎members of the civil engineering profession worldwide and is America’s oldest national ‎engineering society.‎

ASCE provides essential value to their members and partners, advance civil engineering, and serve ‎the public good.‎

In carrying out that mission, ASCE Advances technology, Encourages lifelong learning, Promotes ‎professionalism and the profession, Develops civil engineer leaders and Advocates infrastructure ‎and environmental stewardship  .‎

An – Najah ASCE Student Group was launched on March 24, 2013, since then more than 200 ‎students joined the group after they realized the importance of becoming a part of ASCE and the ‎benefits students may derive as they pursue their careers.‎

Our student group aims to prepare the students to enter the civil engineering profession and the ‎society specifically in professional matters, professional contacts and networking and Leadership ‎development.‎

This group is supervised by Prof. Samir Abu Eishe the former Planning Minister of the Palestinian ‎National Authority who currently serves as full time full professor at the  Civil Engineering ‎Department at An – Najah National University. ‎

What does our student chapter do? ‎

  • Competitions: Our student chapter conducts some competitions so that the members can show their creativity.‎
  • Field Trips: Our chapter offers guided field trips to engineering projects, some of which are still under ‎construction and closed to outsiders. In addition, we may also visit major projects already in ‎operation and be escorted by practicing engineers who can explain the details of their work.‎
  • Community Service Projects: Our chapter also conducts charity activities encouraging our members to use their skills to help our ‎community.‎
  • Guest Speakers: Our chapter will invite practicing engineers in the field to discuss unique projects on which they are ‎working. It's a great way to learn more about putting civil engineering to practice, as well as ‎meeting and networking with professionals in your field.
  • Training courses: Our chapter will organise some courses that will improve the students’ skills.‎

Our Organizational Structure (2017/2018)

Yazan Asia


Nadeen Zughaier

Vice President 

 Ahmad ilaiwi

Recording Secretary  

 Dana Omar


Nedal Aqel

Fundraising Chair

Bilal Zedan

Publicity Chair

Muhammad Zakarna

Correspondence Secretary

Hana Shebli

Outreach Coordinator

Yazan ali

Community Chair

Lina johary

Activities Chair

Shireen Ghattass

Membership Chair

Mustafa Ali

Membership Chair

Murad Demaidi

Representative for Engineering Council

Shatha Abu Soud

Bridge Competition Chair

Ahmed  Dawoud

Newsletter Editor


Email :[email protected]
Instgram : asce_nnu